My View on the Anglican World

This is not a comprehensive or balanced listing of links to things Anglican.  Rather, these are some of my “go to” and/or favorite links for news, organizations and jurisdictions.


One of the best sites for links and commentary on Anglicanism, faith and many other things is TitusOneNine.

Other useful sites include Anglican Curmudgeon (a conservative, legal perspective on things); Anglican Ink (collection of news stories from a conservative perspective), Anglican TV (YouTube channel video blog); Anglican Samizdat (conservative Canadian blog); VirtueOnline (not a fan of this guy, but there is occasionally some news here from a conservative perspective); Living Church and Covenant (both from the same outfit – the first being more Episcopal news and the second being more of a discussion forum); and Thinking Anglicans (a good collection of stories from an English liberal perspective).


The following Anglican organizations all advocate for a Biblical Anglicanism that is grounded in history and tradition.  It is my belief that the old western liberal Anglican superstructure is in serious decline and is in the process of being replaced by messy, but I suppose necessary, new structures.  The Anglican Communion Institute is made up of a handful of theologians but they occasionally put out very thoughtful and analytical papers.  Anglican Mainstream (British based), Global South Anglican (representing a large group of moderate and conservative Anglican provinces) and GAFCON (representing a subset of the Global South which is intentionally creating alternative structures within the Anglican Communion) are all lobbying for the Anglican Communion to remain grounded in a historic and orthodox faith.  Fulcrum is a British based organization advocating for a more moderate conservative vision that remains within the established Anglican structures.


The Anglican Church in North America is the orthodox Anglican upstart in North America.  It’s messy, and I have strong reservations about aspects of it, but I think it represents the future of North American Anglicanism for now.  The ACNA’s Diocese for the Sake of Others (C4SO) is the diocese I am most familiar with.