Favorite News Sources

These are my favorite sites for following news – including general, political, sports and weather news and comics.  These sites are mostly truly free sites which don’t require a subscription or limit you to a specific number of hits.


For a quick summary of headlines, I look to CNN (they act more like the publicity arm of the leftist wing of the Democratic Party right now, but they do tend to cover most news stories), the more conservative FOX news, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).  Other sources of interest include general Canadian sources the Globe and Mail, the National Post*, and the Macleans magazine site.  Regional sources of interest include the Vancouver Sun*, Vancouver Province* and Sacramento Bee*.  (*- subscription based so beware).


The best general site for U.S. political news is Real Clear Politics which aggregates a diverse collection of top news stories a couple of times a day.  My favorite conservative news sites include Hot Air, The Resurgent, RedState, National Review Online, the American Conservative, the Federalist, and Townhall.  I particularly value the insights of Rod Dreher.  The site The Dispatch is a brand new site I will keep an eye on.


My two favorite U.S. weather sites are the Weather Channel and Weather Underground.  The site I check for Canadian weather is the Weather Network.


I follow the Vancouver Canucks and mostly use mobile apps to track the team, however you can check the official Vancouver Canucks team site, The Canuck Way, Hockey Buzz (Canucks page)Canucks Army, Nucks Misconduct or do a Google news search.  Other useful sports sites include CBC Sports, TSN and ESPN.


My favorite comic strips are Monty, Dilbert and Peanuts.